I hired a speed guru even better than me

If you are reading my blog, you will see I know my stuff. I have been speeding up WordPress sites long before it was cool.  I am great at speeding up WordPress on managed and shared hosting, but I am not a server guy.

So when my company website, which gets around 50,000 to 100,000 visitors a month, starting to feel the pain, I looked at even more speed improvement.  Our site runs Woocommerce and with many plugins. Bogged down on some marketing campaigns which were giving us the increase of traffic, I couldn’t deal with this on my own, so I jumped on Codeable to find an expert.  That’s when I found Mike Andreasen. Continue reading “I hired a speed guru even better than me”

Everything You Need to Know About Using Cloudflare’s Free Service For Speed Increases

If you are not using Cloudflare’s free service then you are missing out one of the easiest ways to speed up and protect your website. Cloudflare offers a Global CDN network of over 115 data centers worldwide. This means the fastest speed you can get without paying anything. Each free account comes with limited DDoS protection, the ridiculously fast global CDN, shared SSL certificate, and three page rules used to define how you want to leverage Cloudflare for your site. Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Using Cloudflare’s Free Service For Speed Increases”

The Truth About Google PageSpeed Insights and Why you Shouldn’t Care

You know your website needs to be fast, that’s why you are here reading this article. You may have already headed down the path to a ninja like speed on your website, following speedupwp.ninja’s advice.  But now you are wondering about how to measure your website’s speed. There is a wide assortment of speed checking tools, of which, one of the big ones is Google PageSpeed Insights.  Perhaps you have used this tool to check your website’s speed already. You may not have like the results.  Perhaps your “grade” was low or you see red and orange warnings in the report, and that was after all your optimizations!
Continue reading “The Truth About Google PageSpeed Insights and Why you Shouldn’t Care”

Get a fast speed increase for WordPress with PHP 7

In the search for all the things that will make your WordPress powered website go faster, there is no other option with the greatest return than updating your website’s PHP version to PHP 7.

Over 82% of the web runs on PHP, the programming language that runs WordPress. And recently, PHP released version 7, packed full with new features and very much needed optimizations to the language. PHP 7 was released in early December, so when my favorite hosting company WPEngine announced they were doing site upgrades to PHP 7, I jumped on the opportunity for the easy win.

The WPEngine crew handled the upgrade from my PHP 5.6.30 to PHP 7 within a day and it was seamless. The site we upgraded is a Woocommerce based site that receives about 50k in traffic a month. Myself and office staff immediately saw a big difference in the responsiveness of WordPress, especially in the admin where many of our performance upgrades don’t affect.  I would say we had about a 30% decrease in load time. For a site like ours, this was huge!

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