Speed Up WordPress Disclaimer

Thank you for using my site. I wanted, to be honest and upfront with you so I wrote this disclaimer to answer any questions you might have about why I run the site the way I do!

Why is SpeedUpWp.Ninja Free?

I was once charged over $500 for a service to speed up one of my WordPress sites.  I had already spent a great deal of time speeding up the site myself and was trying to squeeze out any extra speed I could get.  This well known and reputable service promised big increase on what we had and went to work. After asking what they did, I found that nothing really new was done.  I had already done pretty much already everything.  Even though I was furious, I kept it to myself, knowing I had validated my skills as a speedy ninja.  What I didn’t like, was that with some research, you could do this yourself. Why pay for that kind of service when you can do it on your own.  So I set out to help others speed up their WordPress website.

How is SpeedUpWp.Ninja Funded?

Well, simply put, referrals.  I earn referral fees when you buy services from the products and companies that I recommend. This method of monetization is called affiliate marketing.  Some of the biggest brands on the internet offer affiliate programs, like eBay, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Heck many of your favorite sites use affiliate marketing to pay the bills too.  The problem is, most affiliate marking doesn’t tell you what they are doing or how they are making money.

Hey Speedy,  you only recommend products and services that have referral programs?

Great question. The answer is no. I recommend the best service and products available, AND IF THEY HAVE A REFERRAL PROGRAM, then bam! bonus.  All of these services and products, I have tested thoroughly and actively used on the many sites that I manage.

How does it work?

So when you click on a link to a recommended service on my site, the link you click is a special unique link that allows the product or service to track that I recommended you. When you click on these links, you are tagged with a special tracking cookie. If you end up purchasing the service or product, the company pays us a referral fee.

These links on my website look something like http://speedupwp.ninja/recommends/wpengine/

The referral fees we make vary based on the company and program but usually between 10%-20% of the purchased price.

Do you see my personal information?

No, I do not have any ability to see your personal information or if you even made a purchase.

I know you are giving all this information for free, but can I hire you to speed up my site?

Maybe, if I have time, email me at [email protected] and we will see?